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Relaxing on the cool tile after playing in my new yard!

No - it wasn't me! It must have
been the reindeer.

Welcome 2012!!!

Happy New Year!!! Well here it is 2012 and I am right on track to becoming a very good doggy or at least that is what mom and dad keep telling me.

They keep saying things like good outside and good Kaycee and good baby and good, good, good. I am getting a bit sick of hearing it so every now and then I do something to remind them that I can be a BAD girl too! Things like chewing the plastic ends off the shoe laces of my dad's favorite tennis shoes, pulling trash out of the trash bag before they can get it tied up or taking the end of the toilet paper roll and pulling it all the way through the house. Just think, I know how to toilet paper a house and I am not even a teenager - yet!!

I don't know about your neighborhood on New Year’s Eve, but in my neighborhood there were quite a few bottle rockets and small fireworks popping and exploding!! At first I had cause for concern but I only heard them when I took dad outside for a walk through the wet grass. He loves to get his paws all wet because he gets new clean dry pair of socks every time we get back into the house!

Well I began to understand that fireworks only go off outside and only in celebration of the new year or maybe celebration that the old year has passed. Either way it was a celebration, a very noisy celebration! I guess I just don't understand why it is necessary to play with fire, light up explosives, shoot them into the air to hear and see them explode apart sending little bits and pieces still flaming to the ground and call it a celebration! I feel a true celebration should be having your friends over, rolling on the soft carpet, playing and sharing your favorite toys, filling your belly until you can't eat anymore and then taking a long well deserved nap.

Thankfully it was quite inside our house and my evening nap was not interrupted.

Now that the new year is a few days old we have gotten back to a normal routine. Yesterday however, dad did something I had never seen him do before. He took this strange machine from the workshop which made a very loud noise. He worked it up and down and all around the yard, front and back. When he was done ALL the "tall grass" I loved to roll in was GONE!

Why he did this, I have no idea and to make matters worse he had put me on the lanai opened the windows so I was forced to watch him chop it all up!!! He let me out after he had done his dastardly deed but it was too late, the grass that remains is short and no fun to roll in at all! I guess he could tell that I was disappointed because he kept saying, "it's all right Kaycee your tall grass will grow back". Grow back! Then why did he cut it? If it will grow back and he knows it will grow back then isn't cutting it down a big waist of time!

He put me back in the lanai a pulled another machine from the workshop that made a high pitch noise and had a long shaft. He proceeded to use this machine to separate limbs from the trees!! He seemed to be happy and cheerful but why? What did those trees do to deserve such an act!!

When he had finished he let me out into the back yard to show me the limbs he had taken down and to tell me (show me) that it was alright. ALRIGHT!! Maybe we should ask the trees if it was alright.

He then placed all the separated limbs into a large pile on the side lot right under many of the trees he had just cut them from as if it were a warning of some sort for them to be good or else!

This whole day was quite the eye-opener and I saw a side of my dad that I had never seen before! When mom came home from work, I ran to her to tell her about what dad had done but before I could utter my first bark dad was showing mom all that he had done. Well I sat waiting and watching expecting MORE fireworks but much to my SURPRISE mommy was just as happy as daddy about all that he had done.

If I live to be 14 (a hundred in dog years) I don't think I will ever be able to figure out people!

I hope this new year brings you many lazy, cuddly, happy and healthy Kaycee days!!!
(You see since I have the 'life of Riley", whoever he is, then wishing you Kaycee like days is a very GOOD thing!)