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Relaxing on the cool tile after playing in my new yard!

No - it wasn't me! It must have
been the reindeer.

No! No! Bad Dog and The "Cone of Shame"

Well this has been the MOST interesting and the WORST week of my life so far!!

On Monday I went to the vet to be spayed (whatever that is) and this whole sagga began..... and then back to the vet this morning (Friday).

Dad & Mom said it had something to do with me being a No! No! Bad dog and pulling out stitches (whatever they are).

And while in the vet's office, l heard the vet said something about stapling my BELLY!! Can you believe it? I'm not a piece of PAPER for gosh sakes!

As I recall  all I did was find something on my belly that isn't suppose to be there and I tried to remove it, much like I would do if I had a piece of dirt or grass in the same spot. Well I was almost finished with removing this wire like piece of string when mom & dad both shouted No! No! Bad Dog! and I was off to the vet.

I am so confused! I am not sure why everyone is in an up roar over this little thing AND now they want to STAPLE my belly!!!

Imagine my relief when mom asked if the vet could just tie off the remainder of the "stitches". Whew!! I dodged a bullet or should I say a staple or two there!? But little did I know that something much worse was about to happen.

Marcie, Dr. Winter's assistant, came back into the room with what she called the "Cone of Shame"!! YIKES, what twisted human mind invented this misserable thing?

As I backed up into a corner they were all telling me it was for my own good! Yeh RIGHT! I have never seen one human wearing such a contraption so I guess no human has needed it for their OWN GOOD!

My mom & dad must have forgotten that I am half poodle and with that breeding comes above average intelligence. They are not fooling me for ONE second that this is for my own good - just take a look at this picture! It SCREAMS animal cruelty!!

This is a critical and last ditch effort to rally the troops so that the cavalry can arrive to save me!!!

I implore anyone that would like to see me FREE AGAIN to contact my parents and tell them how ridiculous this collar looks on me. My mom & dad must think the same because they cannot stop laughing, yet the collar remains.

Help me! Help me!

The Cone of Shame Update

All day yesterday I was FREE from the "Cone of Shame". Dad did not put it on me at all!! I was the happiest puppy you could ever imagine, until.....

Last night (Friday night) I was forced to wear the "Cone of Shame" ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Why? WHy? WHY? Wasn't I a good puppy all day? Dad must have thought I was good all day, because he never once even mentioned the "Cone".

Then last night, out of the blue, dad slips it over my head just before time to go sleepy sleep. I had a horrible night's sleep as I could not get comfortable, how could I? Both mom & dad kept saying as they fell off to sleep that both of my sisters, Zoey & Buster, had to wear the "Cone" too. Oh ya, that gave me a ton of comfort as I lay there suffering all night long!! It just means they were cruel to Zoey and Buster too!

Then this morning, without so much as a word, dad slipped the cone off my head!! What is going on with them, him,  the vet or humans in general. Am I here for their amusement?

I tell you I need HELP!! Please won't you help me? I fear the cone will come back out tonight - please help me before then!!