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Relaxing on the cool tile after playing in my new yard!

No - it wasn't me! It must have
been the reindeer.

My First Vet Appointment - Ohhhh NO!!! ....

Well call me old fashioned but that was not anything like what I expected!! The things they did to me at the vet's office are hard to talk about!!

At first everyone was all - "Oh you are sooo cute" and "look how chocolate your coat is" and stuff but then they took me into this little room and stuck me with a needle and sampled my poo (something I just can't talk about)!!!

Dr. Winter and Marcie were nice and they tried to help me realize that the examination was for my own good, but being poked and proded was something that I had no warning of and it took me by surprise.

One very good consolation is all the treats I received from Marcie, Dr. Winter and my dad, everywhere I turned there was a treat. It was much like Kaycee and the treat factory.

I am told that I have to return in 3 weeks for another shot or two and then in 6 weeks I get spayed. I wonder if that is like getting a bath, because I really don't like baths!!

It wasn't all bad, because I got held in dad's arms for a long time and I really do like to cuddle. I also found that I weigh just over 20 lbs. and everyone thought that was awful BIG of me so it must be good!

I was also told that I am a very healthy little puppy that should grow to be a BIG dog, maybe as much as 75 lbs. WOW! Look out then because I will be able to knock you over or leap onto the counters at home and get my own TREATS! I cannot wait, come to think of it no one told me how long this growing thing might take, oh well I can ask them on the next visit to my vet.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, you can see most of my vet appointment on video below!!! See ya in the funny papers or to some of my doggy friends I will see you ON the funny papers!!